Traveling through Italy | Napoli & Pompei

Hello, everybody!

Sorry I haven’t been active for a couple of days. Apparently, the teachers feel really ambitious these last months of school, haha.

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Today I will be talking about the next destination I went to while I was on a school trip to Italy! Despite the weather not being so great, I had a really great time in Naples. Let me know if you’ve been there too. I would love to hear what you thought of this city!

Napoli Map

We drove to Naples after our visit to Siena. It was pretty late when we arrived at the hotel, so we didn’t visit the city that day. We did have a gathering in the hotel, and we all danced disco swing. We had learned it in our PE class, so it didn’t look that awful.

We stayed at the Hotel Futura ★★★★. It was very nice! I really liked its façade. The art-deco reminded me of the roaring twenties. You wouldn’t say it at first because it is situated in a rather poor neighborhood. But, the rooms were clean, it was cozy, and the food was delicious!


In the morning, we went to visit Pompei. I was very excited for this trip. I have studied Latin for four years and had heard a lot about it. Walking through the ruins seemed something extraordinary to me. We were free the whole time we were there, so my friends and I started walking through the city. I find it so fascinating to think that those ‘buildings’ were the same ones that were standing 2000 years ago.

So my friends were walking, all of us being very impressed by it all. We didn’t really know what direction we were going, we just went with the flow. There were quite some visitors at that time. The teachers recommended us to visit a big villa (at the other side of Pompei) because it had original frescos and preserved bodies. So, I was very excited to see that! Only, when we walked for about half an hour, we suddenly realized there were very few visitors left where we were walking.

It turns out that we weren’t watching where we were going and had simply walked out the domain! We weren’t able to turn back. We hadn’t even seen the most important parts about Pompei!

That was not so fun, but we were able to look at it from afar. We talked to some friends we saw walking by, and they described what it was like. We considered sneaking back in, but there was a lot of security, so we chickened out, haha. Don’t mess with the Italian police, y’all.

This is what we did get to see in Pompei:

IMG_0376 (2)

View of the Vesuvius! (and some lovely tourists)


This is the moment right before we walked through the exit

In the afternoon, we went to the Solfatara volcano. But first, we stopped at a tiny beach. As I said before, the weather wasn’t really that fantastic, so I didn’t end up swimming. Some brave guys, though, did end up in the water.

It wasn’t more than ten minutes on the bus when we reached to the volcano. If you have ever been to a volcano, you’ll probably remember one particular thing about the experience: the smell. It was so terrible! The odor of sulfur was so strong there, my scarf didn’t even succeed in concealing some of it. They say that it’s good for the skin, though!

(I’m the one in the white jacket)

vulcano soflatara

Despite that, the view was wonderful. There wasn’t any lava, it is not a volcano like that. The crater is covered up, and we were able to walk on it. It did have mud pots. Our guide suddenly got the greatest idea to smear some students with mud (because it is good for the skin). He didn’t reach me, luckily. I had casually wondered to the back of the crowd.

giphy-downsized-large (1)

After that pleasant experience (*cough*), we got back to the hotel. We just stayed in each other’s rooms and talked. It was really nice to get to rest and be able to shower. Needed to get that wonderful smell of sulfur out of my hair.

Next stop: Rome. (Stay tuned for some drama this time!)

Thank you so much for reading! Much love, liesje


Traveling through Italy | Siena

Hello, everyone!

I’m so glad I’m making a new travel post. I love talking about my adventures. I went on a ten-day trip with my school where we traveled to some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The first two days, we visited Firenze and Fiesole. If you haven’t read that post yet, you can do it here.

On day three, we got on the bus and drove to Siena. It was a ride of approximately 2 hours. It was a great opportunity to rest. We had toured a lot in Firenze, and we didn’t get much sleep either. We had to be quiet at midnight, but you know how it works: we were way too cool to follow the rules.

At about 11 o’clock, we arrived in Siena. The sun was shining, and the summer vibes were surely there. Traveling when the weather is nice makes the trip so much better, don’t you think?

Map Siena


We took our bags and walked into the city. The Domo of Siena is the first building we visited. It is the most beautiful church I have ever seen in my life. Inside and out this church was fantastic! Like many other Italian churches, this was made of marble. I’ll let you see its perfection for yourself.


Have you ever seen something more beautiful? I was in awe the whole time I was inside this church.

A little tip I can give you is to look up once in a while when you are visiting buildings in Italy. A lot of the ceilings are very impressive. This next picture I took inside the same church.


Can you imagine looking up and seeing something so magical? It felt like entering an entirely different world.  It almost seemed like magic.

After this visit, we were free to eat something and discover Siena on our own. If you are looking for food in Italy, definitely check out the more quiet streets. Most of the time you can find way cheaper restaurants or pizzerias there. At busy places, you can easily be charged €15 for a pizza. Also, watch out if they aren’t charging you extra for the service or the cutlery!

My friends and I enjoyed some delicious Italian pizza and sat down in a quiet alley. We also met other students who were on the same trip as ours. The Italian road trip is a very popular in Belgium. I bet I heard more Dutch than Italian during my journey, haha.

Siena isn’t very big, but it’s surely worth visiting! Make sure to go to the Piazza del Campo when you’re there! It’s a square in the shape of a shell. It was hard to photograph it, but with a little imagination, you can see it. 😉


At 14:00 / 2 pm, we gathered on this square and unfortunately, this was our last moment in Siena, a 5-hour drive was patiently waiting on us. There are more points of interest to visit in Siena. We just didn’t have much time to visit them all.

At 20:00 / 8 pm we arrived at our next stop, Napoli. But those stories will be for my next Traveling through Italy post. Stick around because I have a couple of funny stories about my days in Napoli!

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll talk to you soon!liesje

Traveling through Italy | Firenze & Fiesole

Hello, everyone!

During spring break I went on a school trip to Italy. For ten days we traveled to some of the most beautiful cities in this country.

Italy is probably the most historic country of Europe. Some of the buildings were built 2000 years ago are still standing in all of its glory. Isn’t that amazing? Every village has its own stories and secrets. I could not get enough of it. No surprise that I was in the biggest travel hangover when the trip ended.

On Thursday the 30th of March we arrived in the first city: Florence or in Italian: Firenze.

Map Firenze


We dropped our suitcases off at the hotel and took off to discover Firenze. That was a little uncomfortable because we had just been on a bus for almost 20 hours and I longed for a shower. We had only been able to brush our teeth and wash our face. But once we were on the wonderful streets of Florence, we all accepted each other as gross human beings and continued to discover the city.

One thing you should know is that I visited a lot of museums and churches while I was in Italy. It was the best way to get to know this phenomenal country and its history.

The first building you’ll notice in Firenze is the Duomo or the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. The cathedral of Firenze is the symbol of the city and is simply breathtaking. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. I could look at it all day.



Visiting the Uffizi museum (Galleria degli Uffizi) was the first thing I did after taking a walk in Firenze. It’s the place where they display the works of very famous artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo. Michelangelo actually lived in Florence for the most part of his life. You’ve probably heard of his most famous work, David. Botticelli painted The Birth of Venus, one of the most famous paintings of all time.

The statue of David is not placed in this museum but in the Galleria dell’ Accademia. I imagined it to be the size of a normal man, but when saw the sculpture, I was stunned! It is such a powerful piece of art.


Next, I visited the Santa Croce-church. The style of the church is so beautiful. Most churches are dark and gloomy, but not this one. The Santa Croce church is colorful and bright. Inside, some of the most important Italians are buried. People like Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, and Machiavelli.


Fun fact!

Did you notice the Jewish star on top of the church? It’s there because a Jewish architect (I can’t remember his name) designed the new façade for this church. When he died he wanted to be buried in this church. This was not possible because he was not a Christian, so they buried him right before the doors of the church.

Coat_of_arms_of_the_Grand_Duchy_of_Tuscany_(1562-1737).svgThe next day, my group woke up early to be the first to visit the Museo delle Cappelle Medicee. This museum is usually filled with tourists, but we were lucky and basically had the entire museum to ourselves. The

Medicis were a very famous and wealthy family living in Firenze during the classical antiquity. You can spot several monuments of this family all around Firenze by their symbol: 6 balls on a shield.

In this museum, there are 7 sculptures of the Medicis made by Michelangelo. This is truly extraordinary!

In the afternoon my friends and I visited the Palazzo Pitti and its ‘backyard’, the Giardinodi Boboli. It’s most definitely worth a visit! The gardens reminded me of the ones in Versailles. When I wandered through these gardens, I felt like a princess. It was magical.


We stayed at the B&B Hotel Firenze City Center ★★★. It was a lovely B&B. I slept in a room with three other girls. The bed was great, the room was neat and the breakfast delicious. If you ever decide to go to Firenze, this is definitely a place to consider!


In the afternoon, we drove to Fiesole, a village close to Firenze. The whole senior year gathered in an amphitheater and we hosted a little show. Two guys played on their guitars, and one of our teachers can play the bagpipes. We all ended up dancing and singing.

And then we were headed to the next city, Siena. I’ll tell you more about that in another post!

Thank you so much for reading! liesje

On the Road | France 2016

Hello everyone!

Something very exciting is going to happen soon… I’m leaving for France tonight!

200 (1)

 I’m so happy to return to the beautiful country once again! As some of you might know, I went to France to study abroad in 2015 and I had the most amazing time. And now I am going back! My family and I love to go to France no matter what season it is. Skiing in the winter, camping in the summer. France is practically our second home.

This trip is going to be extra exciting, because we’re going away for three weeks! This will be our longest holiday away from home. My mum, my dad, my two sisters and I are all very excited to leave. The bags are already placed in the car and around 3 am we’ll get up to leave. We will go pretty far to the south, so we will be in the car for about 10 hours… Don’t worry, I’ll have some books with me.

200 (5)

So because I’m going to be in the car for so long, I wanted to make a little list of things you can do in the car or on a road trip.

  • Read a book. When I was younger I was never able to read in the car, because I would get sick. But recently I decided to try it again and I didn’t get ill anymore! That was one of the happiest moments in my life, because I got sick pretty easily when I was little and all there was left for me to do was sleep…
  • Look through the window. I love to look out the window to see who is driving next to us. You can see from what country they are and my sisters and I love to make up little stories about them.
  • Make up games. One thing my sisters and I love to do when we get bored in the car is making up sentences with the license plates. I’ll give an example: say that the license plate is HEF 123. Then the sentence could be: Henry eats fruit. (I’m not very good at this game, as you can see). The best sentence wins!
  • Heads up! That’s another game I like to play. It’s an app invented by Ellen DeGeneres and it’s really funny. If there is no smartphone, you can also play it with a piece of paper. What you have to do is write some names or animals or objects (it can be anything you want) and you have to guess as many as you can in one minute.
  • Sing along! This is something we cannot do all the time, but when a song like Bitch from Meredith Brooks comes up, you simply cannot keep it quiet.
  • Guess the song on the radio.
  • Saved by the smartphone. One of the benefits of this generation is that there is a big chance someone in the car would have a smartphone. And sometimes there could be games on that phone… I haven’t played games on my phone for ages, but some apps (that do not inquire internet) I remember playing a lot are: Criminal Case, 2048, Unblock Car and Spider.
  • Watch a movie. What we like to do is taking these little DVD players with us so we can watch movies in the car. This is also possible to do with a laptop or something else. (I recommend bringing headphones of some sort with you)
  • Listen to music. When I’m on the road, music is definitely a necessity for me. Almost everythime I’m in the car, I have my iPod with me. I’ve made two playlists for the road trip for tomorrow: a more quiet, chill one and another one that really gives me the summer vibes:

Let me know if you have more songs to add to these playlists. I would love to discover new songs!

So that’s it for this post! After three weeks you will know more of what I have been up to. I wanted to write this post before I left, because I won’t have any chance to blog when I’m away. I felt bad to not post for three weeks straight, so I tried to have some post scheduled.

I hope you all have a great holiday!

Thank you so much for reading!Liesje