Anna and the French Kiss | Review

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Honestly, it’s a shame that I hadn’t picked up Anna and the French Kiss earlier. It had been sitting on my shelf for more than a year. I’m so glad I’ve finally read this book.

I have to admit that I didn’t have high expectations for this book. It had been hyped up from the day it came out, and I’m not a big fan of cheesy romance stories. But I was wrong. This book isn’t a cheesy romance at all.

I have studied abroad in France (not in Paris) as well. It felt like I was there again. Stephanie’s Perkins’ France was very accurate to the ‘real France’. The cafeteria, the behaviour of students in class (not raising their finger and such) and the going out (drinking and smoking). Stephanie Perkins did an excellent job on the world building.

Anna is a lovely girl, who many teenagers can relate to in one aspect or another. She cares about people, and she is sarcastic, stubborn and sometimes awkward. Anna could easily be one of the girls at your school or one of your friends. She has an authentic personality, and therefore she could reach a significant part of our teenage generation. 

What was really pleasing is that Anna definitely made some mistakes in this story. She got into situations all of us could be in. She was a really likeable character.

And of course, we have to discuss Anna’s French/British/American heartthrob, Etienne. I don’t know what his situation is, all I really understood is that he has a French name, has an English accent. More I could not say without risking to be wrong. But despite this, he had me as hooked as he had Anna from the start. Although she wouldn’t admit it, in the beginning, she was attracted to him since the moment they met. Now, how’s that for romance!

Etienne was the cool, handsome, ready-to-live-his-life guy who every girl could have a crush on. But he wasn’t perfect, and I loved that the most about him. He had issues of his own, and he surely made some pretty big mistakes.

All the characters of Anna and the French Kiss differ from each other. I didn’t get bored by any of the characters Stephanie wrote about. All of them had their own thoughts, interests, looks and personality traits. That’s one of the reasons that this book deserved five stars.

Together they brought a really great message about, which I won’t share with you right now in case you haven’t read this book yet. Although the people in this book had quite some issues either with family, friends or themselves, this book was mainly a cute and adorable read.

This book got me in the summer spirits, so if you are looking for a book to do that, I would recommend considering Anna and the French Kiss. People who are usually not fond of romance novels should give this book a chance as well. It’s about a lot more that Etienne’s hot body or his perfect hair. To be honest, I always pictured him as Harry Styles. But I guess that’s understandable, right?

I am definitely going to check out her other books.

Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon!Liesje


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