Traveling through Italy | Napoli & Pompei

Hello, everybody!

Sorry I haven’t been active for a couple of days. Apparently, the teachers feel really ambitious these last months of school, haha.

giphy (26)

Today I will be talking about the next destination I went to while I was on a school trip to Italy! Despite the weather not being so great, I had a really great time in Naples. Let me know if you’ve been there too. I would love to hear what you thought of this city!

Napoli Map

We drove to Naples after our visit to Siena. It was pretty late when we arrived at the hotel, so we didn’t visit the city that day. We did have a gathering in the hotel, and we all danced disco swing. We had learned it in our PE class, so it didn’t look that awful.

We stayed at the Hotel Futura ★★★★. It was very nice! I really liked its façade. The art-deco reminded me of the roaring twenties. You wouldn’t say it at first because it is situated in a rather poor neighborhood. But, the rooms were clean, it was cozy, and the food was delicious!


In the morning, we went to visit Pompei. I was very excited for this trip. I have studied Latin for four years and had heard a lot about it. Walking through the ruins seemed something extraordinary to me. We were free the whole time we were there, so my friends and I started walking through the city. I find it so fascinating to think that those ‘buildings’ were the same ones that were standing 2000 years ago.

So my friends were walking, all of us being very impressed by it all. We didn’t really know what direction we were going, we just went with the flow. There were quite some visitors at that time. The teachers recommended us to visit a big villa (at the other side of Pompei) because it had original frescos and preserved bodies. So, I was very excited to see that! Only, when we walked for about half an hour, we suddenly realized there were very few visitors left where we were walking.

It turns out that we weren’t watching where we were going and had simply walked out the domain! We weren’t able to turn back. We hadn’t even seen the most important parts about Pompei!

That was not so fun, but we were able to look at it from afar. We talked to some friends we saw walking by, and they described what it was like. We considered sneaking back in, but there was a lot of security, so we chickened out, haha. Don’t mess with the Italian police, y’all.

This is what we did get to see in Pompei:

IMG_0376 (2)

View of the Vesuvius! (and some lovely tourists)


This is the moment right before we walked through the exit

In the afternoon, we went to the Solfatara volcano. But first, we stopped at a tiny beach. As I said before, the weather wasn’t really that fantastic, so I didn’t end up swimming. Some brave guys, though, did end up in the water.

It wasn’t more than ten minutes on the bus when we reached to the volcano. If you have ever been to a volcano, you’ll probably remember one particular thing about the experience: the smell. It was so terrible! The odor of sulfur was so strong there, my scarf didn’t even succeed in concealing some of it. They say that it’s good for the skin, though!

(I’m the one in the white jacket)

vulcano soflatara

Despite that, the view was wonderful. There wasn’t any lava, it is not a volcano like that. The crater is covered up, and we were able to walk on it. It did have mud pots. Our guide suddenly got the greatest idea to smear some students with mud (because it is good for the skin). He didn’t reach me, luckily. I had casually wondered to the back of the crowd.

giphy-downsized-large (1)

After that pleasant experience (*cough*), we got back to the hotel. We just stayed in each other’s rooms and talked. It was really nice to get to rest and be able to shower. Needed to get that wonderful smell of sulfur out of my hair.

Next stop: Rome. (Stay tuned for some drama this time!)

Thank you so much for reading! Much love, liesje


3 thoughts on “Traveling through Italy | Napoli & Pompei

  1. Great post, i would really like to visit Italy in the future. Pity you didn’t get good weather, but it seems like you had a good time anyway 🙂 I might write a similar post on my school trip to Paris…


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