March Book Haul

Hello, everybody!

I’m really proud of myself for not buying that many books after my latest purchase. All the books I’m going to show you I’ve bought at the beginning of the month. After that, I haven’t purchased anything. And of course, I’m very happy with the books!

The Mortal Instruments Box

The Mortal Instruments box set by Cassandra Clare

The Diviners

The Diviners by Libba Bray


A Magician’s Workshop by Christopher Hansen and J.H.Fehr

I am so pleased with the box set of Cassandra Clare’s books! The spines are gorgeous together. And the books are floppy. I can’t wait to start reading these books. I’m ashamed I haven’t read this series yet. Every book lover has to at least start this series, I feel like. Got to get to it soon!

I’m very curious to see how The Diviners will go also. With its 578 pages, it has to be great!

The author of A Magician’s Workshop has sent me a copy of his book for review. I definitely recommend reading the synopsis. It sounds like a very enjoyable read.

So that was it! It doesn’t feel like a lot, but there are still 8 books in this haul.

Now it’s time to get back to studying. I’ve got an exam of maths tomorrow. And I’m leaving for Italy in two days!!

Thank you so much for reading! liesje


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