The Monday Musts

Hello, everybody!

I’m back! I made a very hard, but necessary decision to stay off the internet the past week. I needed to focus on school since I had a crazy amount of work to do. Essays, presentations, scientific reports, and other stuff that’ll haunt you in your dreams. But now most of it is done. I can finally continue doing the things I want to do. I also haven’t been able to read a lot. I have a lot of catching up to do!

So what’s new the past week? A lot of exciting things happened, despite the huge load of work. I bought a new phone. So so happy about it! I can finally take good pictures now.

The school ball for the senior years of my school was Friday the 17th. It was so much fun!! Everyone was dressed up, the food was delicious, the music was great. I did see some (tipsy) teachers going loose on the dancefloor. I’ll never be able to erase that from my memory.

giphy (72)

I also went to my future university (aah, I’m so excited!!!) to get some more information about the courses I’ll follow next year and you know, other fun stuff. So yeah, I had quite the week!

During those times of studying, I couldn’t resist opening booktube videos or watch some Netflix. I know, I know. I feel really bad. But now, I do have some new favorites I want to share with you.


un sac de billes

I’m picking an old favorite for this week. A lot of the French books I’ve read (for school mostly) I enjoyed a lot. Same for this one, Un Sac de Billes by Joseph Joffo. In English: A bag of marbles. It’s about two Jewish brothers who flee their town and their adventure after that. It’s a really special and gripping story. It’s definitely worth checking out!


This has officially become my most addictive show on Netflix. I love Jane, the main character in this series. She is funny, light-hearted, independent, takes wise decisions… I could just go on and on about her and this show. The guys are good looking. Family relationships are an important subject. Some mystery is in there too. What more could you want?


This cover by Daisy Clark is a great song for those moments you want to have a moment of rest. I replayed this song over and over the past couple of days. When I’m looking for some quiet time, music is the first thing I turn to. And books, of course. It has a way of calming you down, you know?

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll talk to you soon!liesje


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