My Dream Book Panels!

Hello everybody!

As a book-lover and aspiring writer, I often wish I could simply talk to authors (or even fictional characters). Some of these people are very talented or have such an interesting life, I would do almost anything to get a chance to meet them. 

Not so long ago, Eventbrite inspired me to write about my dream book panels. I thought this was a wonderful idea and started brainstorming right away. Finally, I’ve succeeded to gather my favorite authors (and other people) on panels of my favorite genres. If this would be real life, I would be super excited. Unfortunately, some of the authors have passed away. But right now, in this dream event, we are going to forget about real life.

The event is now open for visitors!


Stephen King
Sasha Alsberg

There are so many authors I would want to get writing advice from, but these three came up in my head almost immediately. Stephen King is known for writing very good fiction novels. He would give non-sugarcoated writing advice and I learn best from that kind of advice, even though it’s the hardest kind to accept.

Sasha Alsberg has been a big inspiration to me since I discovered her on booktube. I fell in love with books because of her enthusiasm. No, I became obsessed with books. Thanks a lot for that, Sasha! Now she has written her own book and that makes me so happy!

J.K.Rowling was my third and most obvious choice. Her books are insanely original and have become classics in no time. It would be insane not to include her on this panel.


Dan Brown
Libba Bray

I am obsessed with the way Dan Brown writes mystery novels. I am so impressed by the originality of his books.


I haven’t read Libba Bray’s books yet, but I wanted to include her on this panel either way. I am very interested in the twenties and would love to write a story set in that time. Her novel The Diviners is set in that timespan. I would love to ask her how she researched certain things and such. I am trying to read The Diviners very soon!

And lastly, the master of mystery, sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The mystery panel wouldn’t be complete without him. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes are timeless classics. He is one of my biggest idols.


Jane Austen
Morgan Matson

For this panel, I’ve traveled back in time. Jane Austen and Shakespeare are two of the most famous authors on this planet. I thought it appropriate to include them. They lived in such an interesting time and only for that I would want to speak with them. But of course, I want to ask them about their writing experience. How they came up with their ideas. How their families and friends reacted on their works, and so on. But I’d probably be way too scared and intimidated to even go up to them.


I would also love to hear by what Morgan Matson was inspired to write her books. They have really made me happy when I was feeling down. I admire her for that a lot.


Morgan Rhodes
J.R.R Tolkien
Maria V. Snyder

These three have written some of my favorite books. I really enjoyed the Falling Kingdom series by Morgan Rhodes so far.


J.R.R. Tolkien’s books I haven’t read, but I did see the movies of Lord of the Rings. I know, it isn’t right. But at that time, my English wasn’t yet good enough to read that type of book. I was amazed by how grand this story is. How he came up with the world, characters and everything else is simply unique.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Maria V. Snyders book and I would love to hear her talk about fantasy novels.


Sherlock Holmes
Katniss Everdeen
Will Herondale

Okay, this choice was a hard one. Letting only three fictional characters come to life was the most difficult decision of my life. And it’s not even real. Sadly. I choose Sherlock Holmes because of his geniality. I always try to solve his cases with him, but I never have a clue to who actually committed the murder. He does, of course.

I choose Katniss Everdeen to be on this panel too because she is badass. I would love to hear her take on this society and be inspired by her strength. How cool would it be to be at her side?

And of course, the thirds person to be on this panel had to be a personal one. Will Herondale simply has to come so he can be my boyfriend. It’s that easy.

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This post was so much fun to make! I got totally swept away in my imagination. Would you want to go to this book event?

Thanks very much for reading! Talk to you soon! liesje


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