The Monday Musts #2

Hello everybody!

Who of you watched the Grammys? Adele’s speech was on point, wasn’t it? She is so great.

This weekly tag is created by Lovin Los Libros. In this tag you can share your must read, must watch and must listen. I’m very excited about this week’s because they are all things I am very excited about or love very deeply. If you know (and love) them, you can always let me know in the comments!



I know this book has been out there for a while, but lately, I’ve realized that a lot of my friends haven’t read this book yet! Like what? This book is too good to not be read. The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski was such a phenomenal read. I wanted to tell everyone who hasn’t read this book yet. Go! Let your mind get lost in the world of angry Romans and fiery women!


Oooooh my god! I love this show! This is the first (and probably the only) show that has caught me completely off guard. My mind is still blown after watching it so many weeks ago. The trailer doesn’t really do its justice, but trust me. It’s worth it!


In honor of Valentines Day coming up, I wanted to include a romantic song. Ugh, this song is just so perfect!

Thank you for reading! liesje


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