The Monday Musts #1

Hello everyone!

One day I was searching for memes to add on my blog and I stumbled onto this one. The Monday Musts is a weekly meme created by Lovin Los Libros. It requires you to share your must read, must listen and must watch every Monday on your blog. I thought this would be a great way to gush about my latest obsessions. I’m surprised I haven’t this meme on many other blogs, it’s really fun to do!



Are you looking for something to read that is out of the ordinary? Then you should definitely take a look at You by Karoline Kepnes. Personally, this book changed the way I look at people forever. Kind of hate it, kind of don’t.


This song is at its most beautiful when you put your headphones on, block all the other sounds and put it on a high volume.


In honor of the new season of the 100 coming out this month, I’ll be desperately trying to convince you to give this series a try. This is one of the greatest TV shows existing! It is violent, heart-wrenching and disgustingly beautiful. Words can’t describe how much I love this series.

What do you think about my picks for this meme? As you can see I am very passionate about the 100. I would love to hear if you are as obsessed as I am!

Thank you so much for reading!Liesje


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