December Book Haul

Hello everyone!

It may already be the 5th of January, but New Year’s Eve feels like it was yesterday, doesn’t it? I just can’t believe we are not 2016 anymore! I love the feeling I get when the new year comes around, that feeling of a new chance. I know, I know, that was cheesy. But it’s true, though. I want to make the coming year better than the one before and I’m really motivated to do so.

OK, enough new year talk. Let’s talk about books!

I ended 2016 spectacularly with a couple of books, of course! I have bought and have gotten some amazing books in December. A special thank you to my mother because of her great book picking skills! Here are my last acquisitions of 2016:

passenger-shadowPassenger by Alexandra Bracken

these-shallow-graves-shadowThese Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

writing-fiction-shadowWriting Fiction by Gotham Writer’s Workshop

bird-by-bird-shadowBird by Bird by Anne Lamott

heartless-shadowHeartless by Marissa Meyer

finding-paris-shadowFinding Paris by Joy Preble

You may have noticed that I’ve bought two books about writing. Since November 2016 – mainly because of Nanowrimo – I have really been motivated to write. I have had this idea of a story in my head for so long, but it’s still a work in process. I’ve holding back on writing it, mainly because I feel like I’m not experienced enough. I would love to write the story in English, but it is not my native language. I am dealing with all kinds of insecurities, here. But I love writing too much to let that stop me completely, I’m giving myself some time, because I really want this story to turn out great. I thought I’d let you know, because this is something I’m very passionate about and I am thinking of talking about it more on my blog. If you’d like that or if anyone has some tips on starting a book (sounds so intimidating, doesn’t it?), let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for reading!Liesje


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