The BFF Book Tag

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to do the BFF Book Tag. I was tagged by the lovely Madie over at Of Reading and Random Things.

Setting the Example: A pair/group of book BFF’s that you love

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I really like the friendship of Lia and Pauline. I loved how loyal they were to each other and how much they really cared for one another. It’s often in books and movies that the friendship is weak and is easy to break, but in this book it was not and I really liked that.

Childhood Bestie: Which book character would you have liked to grow up with?

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I’d love to grow old with Katy from the LUX series! She is so funny and I really love her personality. I think growing up with her would be so much fun because she also loves books!

Frenemy: Which book character would bring out your competitive side?

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I didn’t have to think long on this one. Celaena from the Throne of Glass series is so talented and smart and I would feel very intimidated to be friends with her, although I think she would be a great friend.

Fashion Guru: Who would be the bestie whose closet you’d want to raid or would you want to go on a shopping spree with?

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I would love to go shopping with Eleanor. She has a unique fashion style and I think she would really inspire me to buy things out of my comfort zone.

The Bad Influence: Which character would you want to commit a small act of rebellion with? (go skinny dipping, sneak into a movie, have a drag race with, etc.)

Untitled design (6)

Again I have to pick this book again, because Daemon. 😉

Blood Brothers: Which character would you want to be your surrogate big brother/sister? (You can do both if you want)

Untitled design (12).png

I think Carson from Don’t Look Back would be a great big brother, because he is the protective type and a good listener.

Mother Hen: Which character would you want to be by your side when you’re having a bad day to cheer you up?

Untitled design (9).png

I would love to hang out with Will Herondale when I’m feeling down. I think he would do a great job in making me laugh and feel better again. But I could easily pick Will for every question of this tag, am I right ladies?

The Counselor: Which character would you go to for relationship advice or confide a secret to?

Untitled design (10).png

Harper from Rebel Belle would really be my first choice for this question. She does have her own struggles, but loves to be in control and I think she would give me great advice .

More than friends: Who would be your book bf/ gf (if you like both genders you can choose one of each, but only one choice per gender!)

Untitled design (11).png

So for my book boyfriend I would want to choose Daemon from the LUX series again, but then I’d have chosen this book series three times in one tag and that is not alright. But someone who I also love to be my boyfriend is prince Kai from the Lunar Chronicles. Daemon and Kai have both totally different personalities, but I don’t know, I like them both a lot.

I Tag

Thank you so much for reading! I really loved doing this tag, it was so interesting to do.Liesje




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