Weekly Update #1

Hello everyone!

It has been longer than a week since I’ve posted something on my blog… I think that is mainly because I had another full week of finals. But that’s over now! I’m done with school, now I’ll finally have the time to read and blog! Now that I have some free time, I came to the conclusion that there should change some things involving this blog. I want to post more regularly and I got inspired by a bunch of other amazing bloggers to participate in some weekly and monthly memes. I don’t know which of them I want to participate in, but I’ll know soon. Since I have no school for two months, I’ll be having the time to do a lot fun stuff and that’s why I thought it would be a good idea to update you guys on my life once a week.

Personal Update

Because this is the start of the summer, I’ll briefly tell you all what is going to happen in those two months. Although I am done with the school year, I’ll still be having a busy two months. In July my family and I have planned a trip to France for three weeks. I am so freaking excited! We are going camping in a place we’ve been going for as long as I can remember and every year we meet some wonderful people. We’ll be visiting a lot of villages and castles too. There is also a possibility that we’ll be revisiting my host family that I stayed with for the three months when I studied abroad last year. It has been already six months since I’ve seen them and I also want to try out my French to see how well I can keep up with them. Because if you ever go to France, you’ll discover that they are masters in speaking very fast.

But unfortunately this also means that I won’t be able to blog during those three weeks, because I won’t be taking my computer nor will we have any internet. On the other hand, I tend read a lot more when I travel than when I am at home. So when I am back, you can expect a lot of new posts and reviews! And if everything goes well, I’ll also have a little report on what I’ve been up to those three weeks!

Those are mainly the plans for July, for as far as I know. For August – maybe some of you already know – I’ll be working in an amusement park in Belgium. I have worked there a couple of days already and I really enjoyed it. I recently received an email from the organization with some more information and it seems that I’ll have to work a lot behind a cash register. I’ve done it once already, and I found it to be quite stressful, actually. The fear of messing up the orders really stressed me out. I’m not so good at math, you see. The amusement park is also near the French border, so when you work as a cashier in that amusement park, it’s quite important you are able to help the French-speaking clients too (by speaking French…). And after a while having to speak both French and Dutch practicaly at the same time, I began to mess up the words and I was mixing the languages. I guess I must’ve looked so silly….

So far that’s what I know of what I’m up to this summer. What are you guys doing for the summer?

So this past week I’ve had finals until Thursday. I’ve been stressing ever since, because I haven’t got my results yet. Thursday afternoon I went out with two of my best friends and we had a great time eating unhealthy food and watching TV. We’re allowed to have some rest after two weeks of finals, aren’t we?

The rest of the week I’ve been a little lazy, except for Sunday night, then I went babysitting on three lovely kids and we watched the match Belgium – Hungary together. The Red Devils are so going to win the Euro 2016. Just want to trow it out there.

This Week On ATL

I feel really bad I haven’t posted anything the past week. I promise I’ll make it up to all of you!

I just realise this could be a little confusing. This little segment is about the posts I posted the week before I posted the update. 

 Currently Reading

I’m still reading You by Caroline Kepnes… I’m almost there!

 Currently Reading (1)

  • The Tudors – Season 2
  • Call The Midwife – Season 2

Favorite Song

Coming Up

Quote 1

Coming Up

I’ve almost finished the book You by Caroline Kepnes, so I hope I’ll have a review ready this week!

From now on I’ll be posting a tag or an award every Tuesday. This week I plan to do the intimidating TBR tag. Thank you for the tag Paperback Darling, I promise I will do it this week, it has taken me long enough haha.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!Liesje
Have a great day!


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