Oscar et la dame rose | Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

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Oscar a dix ans et il vit à l’hôpital. Même si personne n’ose le lui dire, il sait qu’il va mourir. La dame rose, qui le visite et « qui croit au ciel », lui propose, pour qu’il se sente moins seul, d’ecrire a Dieu.

Oscar is dying. One of the ‘ladies in pink’ who come to visit the patients, makes friends with him. She suggests that he should pretend that each of the following 12 days is a decade of his imaginary life. Oscar writes ten letters to God that are sensitive, funny, heartbreaking and, ultimately, life-affirming. (Goodreads)



I never thought a short book would have so much impact on me. When I was spending my time in France, someone suggested me to read this book. I was planning on picking it up, but when I was back in Belgium, I forgot about it. And then my school assigned me to read it. This book is considered a classic and I completely understand why.

The story begins with a letter from Oscar that he writes to God. Oscar is terminally ill and knows his life is almost at its end. In the hospital, there are Pink Ladies that’ll talk and entertain the children at the hospital. Oscar calls his Pink Lady Mamie Rose. Because Oscar’s time is limited, Mamie Rose finds a way for Oscar to experience every stage of his life. He has to write a letter a day to God. And each letter represents 10 years of his (fictional) life. So the first letter starts with his real age when he was 10 years old. Then the next day he’ll write a letter telling about how he experienced his life as a twenty-year-old, and so on.

Although this book is about a dying boy and you can predict what is going to happen, the writing style is still humorous and simple. The book isn’t overly dramatic or dark. It is written is such a pure way that I really felt with the character and appreciate everything he said.

I think everyone would appreciate this book. It’s lighthearted, although it covers a pretty serious subject. The story kind of forces you to look at your life in a whole new perspective. It’s best that you just get into it without knowing too much, so I’ll finish here. I hope you consider picking this book up because it was truly amazing!

There is also a french film adaptation of the book. (Trailer)


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  1. […] Oscar et la Dame Rose by Victor Emmanuel Schmidt was a very surprising read for me! In a good way. I had to read this book for school – and I tend to not liking those books most of the time – but I did enjoy Oscar et la Dame Rose! As a French book, this wasn’t a very difficult book either. I’ve done a review of this book a few months ago, you can read it here. […]

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