Bookish Pet Peeves

Reading a book is amazing. But there are some little things that can make your life harder as a book-reader. I don’t want to come of whiny or something, but these are some things that have bothered me for some time. Please let me know if you can relate to some things. Enjoy my rambling!

1. Mass market paperbacks. I find mass paperback books very hard to read. They are not floppy – something I really like – nor are they handy to read. The font is very small and I just end up breaking the spine…

2. Broken spine. Having your book damaged is one of the most painful things to go through as a reader. It’s just as annoying as having holes in your stockings, realizing your phone didn’t charge properly overnight or someone chewing with their mouth open. Life is hard, you know?

3. Books numbers not clearly marked. I have read so many spoilers when I picked up books in bookstores, just because I didn’t notice I took a second or third book in a series. And then I get frustrated, because that series really looks interesting, but I’ve been spoiled and can’t read the books, because I don’t have the curiosity I would’ve had when I didn’t know what is going to happen. What a wonderful situation.


4. Cover changes. I suppose this is one of the most hated things in the book community. And rightfully so, of course. Someone please tell my what the logical explanation is why authors do this? Sometimes the cover can come out more beautifully, but most of the time it just makes your bookshelf look like a mess.

5. Speed reading. Guilty. I do this a lot. I don’t always find a lot of time to read. But when I do, I sometimes read like I’m in a hurry, whilst I’m not. I skip reading the descriptive part of the scene and just reading the dialogue. It’s really bad, and I don’t like that I do it that often. I promise you I’m working on it.

6. Someone reading over your shoulder. I can’t concentrate with the feeling someone is reading with me. I get it, you like to read, totally normal. But I just can’t focus on the story, because all I can think about is the sound of you breathing in my ear and maybe judging me for what I’m reading if you’re not a book reader. PS: I’m judging you if you aren’t. 🙂

giphy (1)

7. Predictable story lines. I hate it when you are like half way (or less) into a book and you already know what’s going to happen. You know that character is going to die, or that she’ll eventually is going to get the boy, etc. As a reader I want to be surprised, shocked and broken all at the same time when I’ve finished the book. If an author can do that, I love him/her so much for that!

8. The main character getting al the credit without actually doing anything. Sometimes the main character is a little too much in the spotlights. It can get a little annoying when all the other characters are just spontaneously loving that character and thinking she is hot, etc. I appreciate the characters more when they really work for it, and deserve their credit they’re getting. It makes me love the character and the book a lot more.

9. Fast romances, love triangles. This just gives me chills. Love at first sight in books doesn’t work for me. The romance is far more beautiful if the author makes the readers want the characters being together for a while. That desire is going to make for an epic romance. Love triangles just stresses me out. Usually I don’t even know which guy the character needs to be with. Yes that one is sweet, hot and caring, but the other one is just irresistible and dangerous. It’s going to give me grey hair.

10. Bad boys with a tragic past. This is a common trend I’ve seen in books way to often. It can be appealing, but sometimes I just want the villain to be simply evil. Make me hate the character, not feeling sorry for him.

giphy (8)

11. Wrongly dealing with emotions. Sometimes in books when a character is in a bad place, I am not able to connect with the person’s thoughts or feelings, just because they aren’t described realistically. It can be described too much and the character can be seen as whiny, or too little and then he can be seen as heartless. But it doesn’t come around that often, usually the authors do a pretty good job.

12. Characters being too insecure, not accepting compliments. Insecure teenage girls are a stereotype that comes around way too often in books. They don’t think they are worth it, they don’t feel beautiful, etc. This can be a good thing, when the character undergoes character development,  but there are times where the main character is acting like a brat. And I really don’t like that.

13. Characters who do not pee. This is jut a small remark. I think it would make the story so much more believable and realistic if the characters would go through the average life struggles. I have never read a book where the girls had their period also, but it is probably hard to add into the story, so I can understand why we don’t really read about this often. And needing to go to the toilet is a daily thing everyone needs to go trough. It doesn’t need to be written about in every chapter, but only once is already enough. It makes the story in general more naturalistic (even if it’s a high fantasy). Maybe this is a weird one, but I just had to study for a biology test and the thought just came up whilst I was reading. I’m sorry 🙂

14. Miscommunication leading to fights. Most of the times fights in books and movies are happening because people don’t talk to each other. They always think it’s better if the other one does not know, but they do end up knowing and screwing the whole plan up. And then I’m sitting here and thinking that if they just told him/her what was going on, all this drama could be avoided.

giphy (4)

Does anyone share these thoughts I have? I would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading!Liesje


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