Belgium | Wellness Weekend

When: April 3rd 2016 – April 4th 2016
Where: Carbon – Genk, Belgium

On November 22nd 2015 I turned sixteen and at that time I was studying abroad in France. (You can read my experience here). In the beginning of September my parents and I hosted a party for my birthday before I left. It was in our garden and I invited my friends and family to celebrate with me. My parents had created a very cosy space in our garden and I had an amazing time. But before I decided to go to France for three months, my mom and I were talking about going on a city trip when I turned sixteen, but that didn’t go through because I was away. When I returned, my mom and I were talking and we came on the idea to go to a spa for a weekend. Not long after my mom had booked us a place in the wellness center in Genk, Belgium.

At 10.30 am we left from our home, the drive was about 1,5 – 2 hours. We stopped once to visit the C-mines. We didn’t go in the coal mines, but we did visit the museum. This is their website. There was an Italian bar nearby where we ate our lunch.

We returned to the car and after ten minutes we arrived at the spa. The spa lays in the middle of the city Genk. Our room wasn’t ready for another hour or two, but we could already enter the wellness center, so we went there. We could put our bags in the dressing room, so that wasn’t really a problem. The wellness center is on the highest floor of the building and there was a balcony that had an amazing view over the city. There were a lot of things that we could do, of course we didn’t do everything (that’s not possible in a half a day), but this is what we did:

  • A food bath
  • Sauna (85°C for 15 minutes)
  • Relaxing in the snooze room (with waterbeds)
  • A full body massage
  • Sauna (85°C for 15 minutes)
  • Chilling in the sitting area and reading some books

My mom and I were the only visitors in the spa that afternoon, which was very fun. After we’ve drunk another glass of water and talked in that sitting area, we decided it was time to go to our room. The spa was also closing in a half hour. We got our key and headed to our room. It was almost six o’clock and we decided to get ready for dinner. Next to the Carbon Spa there is an Italian restaurant called Gusto. I wanted to dress up a little so I curled my hair with my new NuMe Curling Wand (32mm) for the first time and put on a black dress. I really like how my hair turns out after I’ve used that wand. In the restaurant we started of with an aperitif, a delicious mocktail (a cocktail without alcohol). As main course I ate a very tasty Beef Tenderloin with steamed vegetables. As dessert my mom and I shared a brownie and we drunk some green tea. It was 9.00 pm when we went back upstairs. We were both reading. I was reading in Reign of Shadows. But we were both really tired and the lights went out a little after 10.00 pm.

The next morning we had breakfast in that same restaurant. It was 10.00 am when we checked out. We considered going back to the wellness center once more, but then we decided to go shopping instead. There was a small shopping center at the back of the spa. We’ve also visited the library that was nearby. After that it was almost midday so we agreed it was time to head back home, also because there is a lot of traffic in the afternoon in Genk.

I can only speak very highly of the Carbon wellness center. Everyone was really friendly and very welcoming. There are also a lot of foreigners that stay in the hotel. The staff can speak very well French and English, you don’t need to speak Dutch to visit this spa. If you want to stay in this hotel and experience the great things they have in store, you can visit their website or click here.

Thank you mama for the great experience, I love you. ♥

Disclaimer: The pictures of the hotel aren’t mine, I got them from their website: Carbon Sense.

Have a great day! Liesje


3 thoughts on “Belgium | Wellness Weekend

  1. I envy you! I envy the fact that you are studying in a foreign country !
    Also, that for a birthday! That’s freaking amazing! You really are lucky

    Liked by 1 person

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